Wisdom Quote


The amount of benefits you reap is influenced by how your mind sees or processes. What an experienced and skilled creative mind would harvest out of a thing, is different from what a closed, inexperienced or less creative mind would.

♦ If God wanted you to look at the past, He would have put eyes at the back of your head. In a car, the windshield is far bigger than the side mirror. Put away distractions. The future is too great.

♦ Choose the thoughts to accept; don’t just allow your mind go everywhere. Be disciplined. You are not responsible for what comes into your mind but you are responsible for what is done with them. Permit great thoughts and stop wrong thoughts.

♦ The Holy Ghost is not in us to play, sleep or keep calm but to prove God and be a helper. The Holy Ghost makes Christianity easy and lively. He takes away the religion and brings the reality, He takes away the struggles and makes it easy, and even when there is struggle, it ends up victorious. When you continue in the friendship of the Holy Ghost, you will excel greatly in life. Friendship between two people is always interesting when there is sharing in common, partnership etc.

♦ Thoughts are created by you from what you see, hear or feel which may come as a suggestion from God, Satan or nature. Don’t under estimate the power of thoughts. The quickest way to affect your thoughts is through pictures. Until you change a man’s thought and thought pattern, you can’t change his life.

♦ If passion for God is not the driving force of your life, you’re in trouble as a Christian. The world will rob you of passion for God. Anyone who chooses to be a friend of the world becomes an enemy of God. It is impossible to have two supreme objects of affection at the same time. When you love the world, you are preoccupied with the temporal instead of the eternal. A life fruitful in the things of God is not rooted in the world; it is grounded in Christ.

♦ Come the way you are to church, but don’t leave church the way you came. There must be a transformation, there must be a change. The church is to perfect people.

♦ Refuse to see limitations, see the future and focus on it! You can achieve whatever God commits to your hands by the Holy Ghost, wisdom & grace of God, with discipline! Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off the target/focus (future).

♦ Where you are today is a product of your mind. Manage your mind for your benefit. 

♦You’ll not be happy destroying the happiness of others. Succeed with prudence and the right Attitude. If you put your attitude right, you’ll get everything right. Emotions should be used positively and not negatively.


♦ Whatever the case may be your relationship with God is something you should hold very valuable. You can buy somethings but you cannot buy your relationship with God.

♦ There’s no impossibility with God, God’s Word standeth sure, its your insurance and your assurance. It never expires, its for ever; for eternity.

♦ Challenges are bread for us, they are good for our system, if you don’t have them then you lack something good. Its high time you see the beauty in Challenges.

♦ Save those tears for your joy. Instead of crying start strategising. We are not disadvantaged. Challenges make your life interesting. They are the stepping stones for your Great Future.

♦ Everything you go through now is a testimony for the Great Future that Lies Ahead. Your gospel will not be complete if you don’t tell what you went through.

♦ Never believe in negativity, Never settle for less. You are The Best!

♦ When you are possessed by evil spirits, it is crafty manipulations that you follow; but when you are possessed by the Holy Spirit of God, it is wise discretions you pursue!

♦ If you are weak to take the right decisions in your life then you will be ready to bear the pains later.

♦ If you can’t see it, you can’t have it. The extent of your vision is the boundary of your blessings. 

♦ When a child is deprived of doing what he likes, it’s not hatred but love because the adult who is stopping the child is seeing something the child isn’t seeing. Except the child knows better than the elder.

♦ When you change, truth will not be offensive or painful.

♦ No one can consistently think for you, you have to be smart and train yourself to think for yourself well and rich enough within your allowances (boundaries).

♦ Don’t dig where digging isn’t needed. What you may find may not be helpful. We only dig to   find gold.

♦ Effectiveness is your high value and not just your presence.

♦ New levels produce new devils and tougher challenges. You must grow tough to stand in tough times and see it as normal. Don’t accept, how you feel, but do things how you should (ought).