Words of Prophecy For The Year 2023


1. There will be grace to know God
2. There will be speed to know God
3. There will be speed to do His will
4. There will be speed to declare the Word of God, to establish his will and to raise men unto light.
5. You will be focused with God
6. You will align your mind with Him.
7. You will stay in His will
8. You will stay in His Word.
9. God’s Word will profit you.
10. Your profiting will appear to all (1 Timothy 4:15)
11. This year, you refuse to do what you like but what the Lord wants you to do.
12. You will stay focused on the Lord.
13. You will prove that which is His will because you know His will.
14. God’s will is your way.
15. It is your year of Dokimazo. Hallelujah.
16. As the year is new, new things will come to you.
17. You shall not be sick. You will always be well.
18. You will excel and succeed.
19. You will shine the light of God.
20. God’s grace will be in your life.
21. You will grow in grace.
22. You will be wiser this year.
23. You will be smarter this year.
24. You will walk in love this year.
25. You will excel this year.
26. You will succeed this year.
27. Your fire will burn.
28. Your light will shine.
29. They can’t stop your light.
30. They cannot quench your fire.
31. No weapon fashioned and formed against you shall prosper.
32. Receive goodness and greatness.
33. You are a success.
34. You are a victor.
35. You are walking in victory.
36. You are walking in glory.
37. Not your will but His will.
38. Not your strength but His strength.
39. You allow Him to work his will through you.
40. You are obedient and loyal.
41. You are faithful.
42. You are full of God’s grace.
43. You will hold God’s Word from a pure heart and declare it to the nations of the world.
44. You will not behave as men of flesh.
45. They will not quarrel, gossip and compete
46. You will not move from earthly purpose and godly purpose.
47. You will know His word, stand with his word and live by the Word.
48. You will not be tossed to and fro by the wind of every doctrine.
49. You will have one opinion and the Word is your only opinion.
50. You are rugged and dogged.
51. You are stuck in God and you stand for God.
52. The hardened heart is made flesh.
53. You live to His fullness.
54. God will help and assist you.
55. The Lord is your helper.


God bless you. I love you.

*Pastor Preston Idoro*

President and Senior Pastor

Perfect Love Believers Centre (AKA Christ Nation)