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We receive good reports of God doing the impossible. Many of these reports come from people who have received healing, restoration, financial provision,  blessings from the lord or have been introduced to the life-saving message of our Lord Jesus!

God has been faithful to us as a family. So much have been accomplished; all because of His faithfulness. These are a few of what God has done in and through this ministry



In all thy getting, get understanding, so the lord tells us in prov4:7. The lack of understanding had robbed me of my joy. It was a pain to me. For quite a while, I sought help until recently when an embodiment of understanding clothed me. Right now, I am full of life, healed of every trouble. Also, the lord healed me of my emotional trauma. Pastor Preston Idoro was the vessel of change, his wise counsels and prayers………..Sis D.


I was under a tree on my way to work on a bike and immediately my bike left its position, a portion of the tree fell; destroying cars underneath it, but I was saved by His Grace. I bless God for my life……………..Bro. Etin


Isn’t it also for us to know and come to understand that nothing is impossible with God? One of our members had a problem, his admission letter for the course of his choice was withdrawn and a course he didn’t like was offered to him. Sharing a prayer of faith with him, encouraged and admonished him to take his gaze off his challenge and affix it on Jesus, with whom there are no impossibilities. Few days after, the course of his choice was given to him again. God lives, He is good. Hallelujah!!!


I returned home that beautiful Sunday afternoon after a wonderful service. What awaited me at home was a shocker. Robbers had broken into my house. Among the things they made away with was my N10,000 monthly budget for drugs. Since the pain of ulcer hit me, over 18years ago, I have lived/depend on drugs to keep me alive. I lost my peace and joy because of this ailment. The thought of the cost of Medicare, brought a lot of discomfort. The fact that I couldn’t eat whatever I wanted was an additional hurt. My solution after all was to let things be. I decided that I wasn’t going to source for money to buy drugs since the money for it was stolen. The situation was depressing, but I generated faith from what I heard Pastor Preston Idoro say to us. I decided to rely on God’s word. I took a bold stand, not only to do away with the drugs for one month but to do away with it for all time. I turned down all offer of assistance. My mum sent some drugs for me from abroad, but I refused to go pick it up. The Holy Ghost stopped me from receiving help from people because He wanted me to look on Him. The faith for my healing not only heightened on Wednesday the 2nd of August, Heaven came down to perfect my condition. The usual Wednesday service took another dimension. It was all worship. Everyone was saturated by God’s presence. To sum it all up, my healing was made perfect on that Wednesday worship service, led by Pastor Preston. I got home all new. I have felt no pain since that time. The medical expenses are gone forever. I ate beans for the first time in many years and I felt so good, no hurt, no burns, and no pain. Truly, there is power in God’s word, especially when applied. God’s presence in a situation makes a difference. Thank you Pastor Preston Idoro for teaching us God’s word. All glory is to God……………………M. Anita


For a long time I suffered some kind of a certain kind of skin infection on my back. Doctors diagnosed it as a fungi infection and prescribed medicated creams and drugs to apply on it, which was quite expensive. This continued for a number of years consistently. But since I joined PLBC, and was taught the application of faith; I applied it to this issue and now I have a smooth skin like that of a baby. Praise the Lord…………Bro. Eugene


I had worried endlessly for my mum because she wanted to go get papers to become a citizen in the United Kingdom. I received prayers for her in church, assuring her of answered prayers, telling her not to fret. Thank God, she has gotten her papers and she is now a citizen of the UK. The Glory is to God…………M. Anita


He had been looking for a screw to the chrome alloy wheels of his car, he had searched everywhere in the car without success. He went to buy a new one for N15,000 yet it didn’t work and the sellers refused to accept it back. As he discussed with his brother, his brother reminded him that Pastor Preston Idoro had talked on seeding and tithing, and advised him to go and pay his tithe and sow his seeds. As he entered the car to go and withdraw the money from the bank, he found the screw in the car where his former search had proved abortive. Praise God!!…………Bro. Daniel


God has been faithful to me. For three consecutive years, I experienced terrible pains at a particular time of each year. On the 13th of August 2006, during the Sunday service, Pastor Preston Idoro gave a word that someone who had been through periodic pain was being healed by God, and that God was perfecting the healing. When Pastor Preston gave the word, I received it and God confirmed it. I thank God for taking away my pain. God bless Pastor Preston Idoro for being a vessel of honour…………..Pst. M


The love of God is beyond human comprehension. My understanding of how amazing this love is was enlightened when certain events took place in my life. To say I am a bundle of testimonies is an understatement. God has used this ministry, PLBC to reconcile me to Himself. Glory be to God………………..Mr Emmanuel


The lord remains ever wonderful. In our lives, we keep seeing the efficacy of God’s word unravelled. Last week, as Pastor Preston Idoro spoke forth God’s word, I got healed of body pains and not just that, my sister over the seas was also healed permanently having been hitherto bedridden. Jehovah Rapha, the lord our healer…………….M. Anita


Pastor Preston Idoro has always said it but it never came alive in me until now. He said we can do what He (Jesus) can do and even greater works like He said in His word (John14:12). The first testimony is that my faith has shot steps upward since that incident. I had called Pastor Preston 3x to ask for prayers for the flow of an over #6 million cash worth of investment that was frozen. I believed in the faith prayers made by Pastor Preston. Like a blow on my aforefaithless mind, the miracle came. The stumbling blocks were cleared. All things are well. Glory to God……………..Bro. Ochuko


Acting on the words of FAITH from Pastor Preston Idoro, I went out on evangelism. My host was suffering from chest pain. I prayed for him and the pain left him immediately. Bro. Solomon


Pastor Preston Idoro taught us on Wednesday how we possess an abundance of Grace and favour (expressed grace), and how we have such abundance to cause a difference around us. I went to a phone repairer store and as I sat there, the phone he had been trying seriously to repair for a long time and just seconds before I came in without success, suddenly started working. I walk in God’s grace. Hallelujah!………………Sis Dammy


Truly, there are no jokes in the realm of the Spirit. The reality of it all dawns on me. Pastor Preston Idoro had casually but powerfully said to me, “I see you with a car soon”. It was funny because I had no fixed job. A job was what I sought for; a car without a fixed source of income? I said to myself. Well, God’s word is sure. The car did come. It is all a miracle how it came. The bulk of the funds came as a gift. Truly, when God says He will do it, don’t ask Him how, just trust Him. I bless God for His blessings………………………Bro Uyi Evbovmwan


Since I found my place in PLBC (Perfect Love Believers Centre), it has been victories upon victories. My life is nourished with favour unquantifiable. With this I know I am home. To mention a few, I overcame habits strong enough to ruin a life. I now function in the power of the authority I have in Christ Jesus. I bless God…………………Bro Cornel


The devil truly is deception itself. For some time, my business was under attack, I was losing so much and the devil made me owe it to a thing that matters so much to me in life, all in a bid to make me let go of it. On the verge of making a wrong decision, I remembered all the words and teachings of Pastor Preston. I gained strength and I stood my ground by His grace. Now things have taken its proper shape. I have experienced no loss in my business for four months running and I am sure and firm about the right decisions. My message to all is that when things turn upside down, don’t turn with it……………….Bro Ochuko


On Sunday, the 22nd day of October, at about 8:45pm, while everyone stood talking, right there in the kitchen at the ministry secretariat, I experienced a mind blowing near death encounter. Due to the rain that was still falling, lightning struck- entering through the window and passing through my feet. Other than the initial shock, I was just fine. This is a big miracle to me because I have heard and I know that lightning has the power to kill a human being. Thank God for keeping me alive today. God saved me to keep reaching out to the world……………..Pastor Eugene


In the previous week, on Sunday after service, a sickle cell anaemia sufferer; a young child was brought up for ministration. The child was frail and dying, losing life by the minute. Pastor Preston Idoro prayed and life was restored back in full to the child. Praise the lord!!


The devil is a liar. On Monday, a mentally deranged girl was referred to the church. Pastor Preston prayed for her and she was delivered, liberated from the evil once clutches. Praise God.


I went to church on Wednesday with a defeatist mentality. I had made up my mind to quit trying and just allow things fall into place by itself, but as Pastor Preston spoke, particularly about the church being a place where your faith is regenerated as words are pumped into you, I saw things in a whole, new brighter light and thank God, I have the encouragement to get up from my fall and keep fighting a good fight. I also had a sharp pain in the right hand side of my mid-rib. However, I came back from service completely healed. God is my healer. Hallelujah!!


Pastor Preston Idoro keeps teaching us the efficacy of God’s word. On Sunday last week as he taught, he gave a word saying that a person with severe stomach upset was being healed. As soon as he gave the word, I felt relieved and whole. Praise God. Sis GracePRAISE REPORT22Pastor Preston Idoro gave a word on that fateful day, that there is someone who usually experience pains during her monthly menstrual cycle, that God is healing the person. I received the word. Few days later when I started my ‘monthly’ period, I experienced no pain. This is a big miracle for me because its discomfort was too much to bear…………………Anonymous


On Sunday, Pastor Preston Idoro taught on the essence of Abba Father as our Source Upholder/ nourisher /father. I received the word with faith and believing, I proceeded to making it my constant confession and to God be the glory, He never failed me. Much more than before, I saw the magnanimous manifestation of HIS love for me. Also, in the course of the week, I suddenly started to feel nauseated and violently began to shiver and throw up. After a while, I started to feel cold in a room with all the windows shut. I decided to ignore the ‘feeling’ and spent time fellowshipping with the Holy Ghost. After twenty minutes, I felt peace, stopped praying, and went about my normal life. Thank God I’m hale and hearty.


Pastor Preston Idoro went to pray for a sick person in the hospital and immediately he laid his hands on her, she became fully recovered.


From conception to delivery, it was a challenge. The devil attacked me with fear and at a time, I was giving into it. Finally, on the day I was to give birth, there was a little complication. I called Pastor Preston on the phone and he released words of faith in prayers. Few minutes after, the baby came out. I was fine, and so was the baby. Praise the Lord!……………………..Mrs. Aimienomwanmo.


When Pastor Preston Idoro announced that this month is a month of Productivity, I received it and used myself as a point of contact for my dad. I had long since been expecting a large sum of money and to God be the glory, less than a week afterwards; I found out that the money had come…………………….Sis Dammy


On Wednesday evening, during service, Pastor Preston announced by the spirit that someone present in service knew of someone that was seeking a job. I claimed it for my fiancée and to my astonishment, on Friday evening, my daddy called me to tell me that he had gotten my fiancée’s employment letter. Thanks be to God……………….Bro Ochuko


How faithful God is, in His word, He says He does not do anything without first revealing it to His servant, the Prophet. Yes, He has been true to His word. For three months consecutively, I kept seeing visions about losing my brother in a fight. I prayed about it and subsequently, I got a report from home that two of my uncles had fought and one of them had one of his ears cut off completely which was later restored. Thank God for the salvation of life. No one died. Praise the Lord for we are rest assured; where there is life, there is hope……………………..Pst Adesuwa


I give thanks to God on behalf of my daddy. God spared his life from a robbery attack. It was rough. Gun shots were fired. I had no doubt that my grace played a very important role and I hold that to the unquantifiable grace in PLBC and the intercessory prayers of the whole body, particularly the Pastorate. Glory to God………………………Bro Victor.


Life has been a bundle of joy with the series of favour I have received since I found home (PLBC). God’s grace is undoubtedly in this ministry. Just recently, I received a call from my relative who had before forgotten me. The purpose of the call was to send me money and assure me of his resolution to be at my aid whenever. I thank the Lord…………………Bro Cornel


I thank God for victory over death, for loving me enough to keep me in order that I may do his work. I was involved in a bike accident but I came out of it without a scratch……………….PMP

God Unfisted The Hand Of The Tight fisted
On Sunday, 12th November 2017, Pastor Preston prophesied during the service that there was a person in the congregation who was promised some money but hadn’t been given the money because the individual who promised was delaying.
Some people had been owing me some money for a while now and were yet to pay. As I heard the prophecy, I gave an offering for it. On Monday morning, I got an alert from my bank. It was from one of the people owing me. I was so excited. I am expecting the next person, but I bless God for this. Thank you so much for being a great blessing to me and God bless you more, sir.
Bro. R. Akanji.

PLBC Headquarter Church.

An impossible situation made possible
I really want to thank God for his wonderful works in my life. Indeed God is in PLBC and I am so grateful to our father; Pastor Preston Idoro for saying yes to God’s call. For two (2) years, I have been eager to gain admission into a tertiary institution. When I sat for the national exam, my result was withheld. It was so painful because I thought that was the perfect opportunity for me to get admitted into a tertiary institution. 
Inspite of the disappointment, I sat for another national exam this year and trusted God that this time, I would get my admission. During one of the Wednesday services, Pastor Preston was prophesying and he strongly declared, “That admission is yours in the name of Jesus.” I received it and boldly declared it. A few days after the release of those words, I got admission to study Civil Engineering in a tertiary institution. I am so happy and excited. Glory be to God. It is indeed my month of the shining light.  
Bro Aisosa Osawaru,

PLBC Headquarter Church.

Instant Healing
On the 12th November, 2017, the power of God was expressly strong in service and Pastor Preston prophesied under the influence of the power of God that there was someone who was hurting on the left side of her neck (he illustrated where that was with his hand) and then he proclaimed that she has been healed already. And I received my healing instantly. Hallelujah! Jesus is still healing the sick today. Thank you Pastor Preston for being a great blessing to me.
Mrs Evba,

PLBC Headquarter 

Saved From A Fake Pastor
The God of PLBC is very true and now, I believe even more. The fake pastor in my neighborhood who has been doing diabolic things against us (because we refused to attend his church came to beg for forgiveness). He said that he was dying.This was the same pastor who said he had used my unborn children for rituals. He said he was on a seven-day fast with his pastors to destroy me if I fail to apologise to him but he is the one apologising now. God is indeed great. Everything Pastor Preston said, came to pass. Whenever the pastor sees me, he will run into his apartment. He couldn’t even stare at the church flex in the neighborhood. Pastor Preston gave a word that when he sees me, he will see fire and that’s the only explanation for why he would see me and run away.
 I can’t put everything in words, but I just want to appreciate God for my life. He is faithful. Thank you, Pastor Preston, for answering God’s call.
Bro Stanley,

PLBC Headquarter Church.

God Rewards Faithfulness 
God is faithful. I started my PhD course and I was having problems because I couldn’t give it the attention it needed because of my commitment to the ministry, PLBC. As if that wasn’t enough, my admission began to have issues. I was mocked and ridiculed. 
Then suddenly, an opportunity to go do a research in Finland came up and twenty of us were enlisted. We wrote an exam which I didn’t pass and we did a research which I didn’t do well. As God would have it, all of us were asked to go to Abuja for the visa process with the presentation of the paper work and defence. I still didn’t do it well, not because I couldn’t, but because I had a lot of ministerial and church responsibilities that I had to give priority to. At Abuja, I was handed my Resident Permit and my ticket. The biggest thing is that no other person was given a visa. Out of the twenty competent people, a supposedly “unserious” me was given. 
PLBC’s grace is an exceptional grace. It is our month of The Next Level indeed.  

Pst Etinosa Preston Osemwowa.

Terrible gum pain healed
I got in touch with Pastor Preston and I told him that my gum hurt really badly and I felt a terrible head ache. All he said was, “Be healed.” I just meditated on his words, “Be healed,” and then I told the Lord that I had to use my mouth to preach the next day so something has to happen. After a while, I slept off and I woke up to see that something had fallen out of my mouth on the bed and the pain was gone completely. Thank you, Heavenly Father. God had performed an operation on me while I slept. I am grateful to Pastor Preston Idoro for being there to attend to my need despite his busy schedule. You’re the manifestation of love that you teach us to be.
Emeka J., 

PLBC Lagos Church.

Miracle money
I’ve noticed that in this ministry, the words of my man of God don’t fall to the ground; they must always be fulfilled. During one of the services, Pastor Preston prophesied that we will receive miracle money. I quickly held onto that word! It didn’t even take a long time for it to come to pass. I love my Jesus for always looking out for me. Thank God for that wonderful service and I appreciate my man of God for yielding himself fully to the Spirit of God.
Bro. Godwin,

PLBC Headquarter Church.

Delivered from the jaws of death
I can’t thank God enough for my life and the lives of my family members. During a meeting, Pastor Preston said that the grace of PLBC does not just cover us, but our family and loved ones. Sometime ago, some gang members were shooting at my brother’s car and “sprayed” his car with bullets while he was still inside. 
Not one bullet touched him even though the car was damaged. I can’t explain it because there is no human explanation for it. God was true to His word through His prophet, Pastor Preston. I bless the Lord God Almighty for His infinite power. Pastor Preston, thank you so much for that word you spoke to us. God bless you, sir.
Dorothy Uwana,

PLBC Headquarter church.

Healed of Excruciating leg pain
There’s just something so unique about this family called PLBC. The love of God and the grace of Jesus through our man of God, Pastor Preston is so amazing. 
On my way out one morning, a car ran over my foot and the pain was excruciating. I couldn’t walk. It was a service day and I had learnt from my man of God that there’s no reason good enough to miss service. So, I came to church. That day, there was an unusual anointing and during the service, I was completely healed!
Jesus did it before and He’s still doing it today. I am so full of thanksgiving. Thank you, Pastor, for being a great example and teaching us to give God priority no matter how we feel. You taught us well and that’s why I came to church and got healed.
Grace Bassey,

PLBC IUO Campus Fellowship.

Miracle Baby

Sometime last year, I was told by a doctor that it wasn’t possible for me to have children because I had a challenge with my ovaries.
In trying to deal with the excruciating pain I felt frequently, I was given injections to numb the pain and it was very expensive.
I let my Pastor in on my situation and he prayed for me. Shortly after he prayed for me, I took in. My doctor reached out to me – wondering why I stopped coming for my medications. When he heard about my pregnancy, he exclaimed. He concluded that it had to be God alone who could make this happen.

Today, I’m a proud mother. I want to appreciate God, and my Pastor, Pastor Preston Idoro for his prayers and support.

God is really in this place, Perfect Love Believers Centre (PLBC). Thank you, Jesus.


Testimony from #EasterCamp2018 

The worship we  had on the first day of the camp made me re- born. Never  knew that great men of God Still exist.  Am short of words.
Bro wisdom.
PLBC Port Harcourt

Thanking God for words I learnt.  I was so blessed by the words.  The words have improved my life in just this few days.
Mrs Believe.
PLBC Port Harcourt

While pastor was ministering yesterday,  he spoke of someone who has ulcer,  I have been sick of ulcer for 5yrs, it’s a very terrible feeling  most times I have to keep water or anything eatable at night but while pastor ministered I knew I was healed.  Thank you Lord.  Thank you pastor Preston sir.
Sis Favour.
PLBC Port Harcourt


This morning I wanted to cook, on getting to the kitchen, I discovered everywhere was smelling of gas, and my hand was already on the on bottom of the cooker. The spirit of God said go check the gas cylinder, which I obeyed, and discovered it was leaking. This is what would have caused gas explosion if I did not obey. Pls join me to thank God for saving me and my household
Mrs joy Osaigbovo