Vision & Mission


♦ Presenting a Perfect Church.



♦ Transforming Lives with God’s Word. His love and His presence.

Our Core Values

♦ Excellence
♦ Empowering Leaders
♦ Passion For souls
♦ Professionalism
♦ Spirituality
♦ Innovation
♦Walking In Love
♦ Emphasize Truth
♦ Faith


Our Belief

♦ We believe that the door to salvation is always open and so are the doors to our church.
♦ We believe God is THREE and ONE; not Trinity.
♦ We believe we are the Holy Spirit Denomination.
♦ We believe the major assignment of the Holy Ghost is to teach us all things.
♦ We believe in raising leaders/world solution providers and not just members/solution seekers.
♦ We believe in the personality of the Holy Ghost.
♦ We believe the church isn’t a place where people come to seek solution but a place where solution givers are trained and made.
♦ We believe in Jesus’ ministry of discipleship and the ministry of reconciliation.
♦ We believe in praying and saving our enemies and not “destroying” them.
♦We believe in the anointing and not in anointing oil as its a low level language.
♦ We believe in praying in tongues and in the name of Jesus.
♦ We believe in baptism by full immersion and not by sprinkling.


What We Believe

♦We believe that Jesus, The Christ, is the Son of the Living God and that salvation is only possible by believing in Him.

♦We believe in the Godhead and that God is One and Three; The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit.

♦We believe in soul winning and preaching the gospel with every available resource, every time possible.

♦We believe in tireless service to divinity and humanity.

♦We believe that Christianity is a lifestyle and not an event.

♦We believe in success by the spirit, through innovation and maximization of wise ideas.

♦We believe in doing the right things with the right motives.

♦We believe in us.


Who We Are

♦We are God’s force in these last days who stand, boldly, for the truth. Correcting the wrong doctrines that have taken over the body of Christ in meekness and in love.

♦We are a movement of the love and wisdom in their purest form; totally and irrevocably dependent on the Person of the Holy Spirit.

♦We are real worshipers who love God devotedly in spirit and in truth.

♦We are passionate soul winners who have sold out our lives to take this gospel to the ends of the earth no matter the cost.