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Pastor Preston Idoro

Perfect Love Believers Centre is presided over by Pastor Preston Idoro, and he pilots the affairs of the ministry with his team – the PLBC Pastorate. He is the Spirit-led powerhouse who pioneers this great move of God. Passionate and Compassionate, Determined and Daring,  Full of Wisdom,  Faith and Love and willing to do anything for God; these unique qualities are some of which make Pastor Preston Idoro dynamic in his strides.

Many talk about hearts of gold but here’s one heart made of the Father’s Love and exuding the Father’s Love. Pastor Preston Idoro is one who lives for people, their betterment, perfection and prosperity. He is indeed a man after God’s heart. A person of influence and impact isn’t measured by the number of people under him, but by the better quality of lives in existence because of his influence. With the four-fold ministerial grace, he has touched many lives and helped an increasing amount of people find focus in life. Pastor Preston is mentor to many and a great spiritual & ministry trainer. At the moment, he has raised 38 effective pastors in Perfect Love Believers Centre and several others outside the ministry.

He is also the pioneer of the awesome Worship event titled “Real Worship” which collects a large number of people from all around the world and is also marked with diverse kinds of miracles. Pastor Preston Idoro also oversees a network of international branches.

This is the passion of Pastor Preston; to make all men see the truth and reality of the Christian life (having a relationship with divinity and putting away religion), the fellowship of the mystery which is Christ in you, the Hope of Glory, and this through God’s love! Pastor Preston also recognizes that “lack of love” is the bane of the world.

He is physically married to Rev. Grace Idoro and blessed with a set of triplets , Gabriel and every born again labourer in PLBC

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