About Us

We at Perfect Love Believers Centre, are God’s mobile force upon the face of the earth in these last days, showcasing God’s love on earth, giving people the true essence of life through God’s love and helping them attain the love dimension, which is a pre-heaven experience. 

(Ephesians 5:27)

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 Raising a Perfect Church.


 Impacting the world with God’s Word. His love and His presence.

Our Core Values

 Empowering Leaders
 Passion For souls

What We Believe

 We believe that Jesus, The Christ, is the Son of the Living God and that salvation is only possible by believing in Him.

 We believe in soul winning and preaching the gospel with every available resource, every time possible.

Who We Are

 We are God’s force in these last days who stand, boldly, for the truth. Correcting the wrong doctrines that have taken over the body of Christ in meekness and in love.

 We are a movement of  love and wisdom in their purest form; totally and irrevocably dependent on the Person of the Holy Spirit.

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